About Us

We may be one of the few insurance providers out there that are passionate and focused on your industry, specialty foods, and beverages. The world does not need more mass production but it could certainly use custom made products from creative and enthusiastic, people like you.

Insurance is about protection from the unknown for sure. However, consider that insurance is a critical component of growth. Without insurance it is hard to get on retail shelves, sell at farmer’s markets, promote at trade shows, use commercial kitchens, rent commercial space, buy commercial space, secure financing and in some cases secure a co-packer. Insurance is a tool to move forward towards your dream of a sound product and company. Financing the risk of loss protects your business for sure but growing your business is more often than not the most utilized function of the product.

We want to educate you so you can purchase insurance intelligently. You do not want to be an insurance expert, trust us on this one. You want it to work so you can move forward as efficiently as possible. You want to feel like “I’m glad I called those guys, they helped me.”

Hard sell tactics have no place here. We educate, suggest, answer questions and let you decide what is right for you.

If your insurance provider sounds like we do, stay where you are but if not, give us a shot. It will be up to us to make you feel positive about your decision.


Tom Wallace, CIC, ARM
Executive Vice President
Personal Coverage, Inc.