Food Business Insurance

We can serve many types of food businesses with insurance products for Product Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Auto Insurance and much more. Whether you are manufacturing the product yourself or using a co-packer we can help you make the right insurance buying decision. Small business insurance products are available in most states and we can also insure larger organizations.

We can insure free standing facilities you own or rent and have no problem if you are starting out in an incubator kitchen. Food business insurance can be written for:

  • Bakery-retail or commercial only
  • Dairy Product manufacturer
  • Snack Food manufacturer Sauces,
  • Dips and Salsas
  • Food Co-Packer
  • Food Importer
  • Candy and Confections
  • Specialty Retail
  • Specialty Wholesale and Distribution
  • Organic Food Retail
  • Organic Wholesale and Distribution
  • Restaurants-chef owned
  • Cafe & Bistros
  • Regional Restaurant Establishments