Product Liability

Product Liability is one form of liability insurance. Companies producing food and beverages often ask for it by name without knowing the full story.

The most popular form of liability insurance is General Liability. General Liability contains coverage for:

  • Premise & Operations
  • Products & Completed Operations

Product Liability covers only Products & Completed Operations. Completed Operations refer to operations in which the insured does not make products but assembles or constructs property. Food and Beverage companies make products not completed operations.

Coverage applies to designated products, new products or changes to existing products,  need to be approved by the insurance carrier. Carefully review terms for cancellation, product changes, coverage trigger and coverage territory.

Product Liability policies should be considered carefully for the following reasons:

  • May not offer a significant cost savings
  • Will not contain coverage for your locations and operations
  • Can be problematic when attending trade shows (no premise coverage)

This type of policy is not written by standard insurance carriers so contact us for more information. May be a good fit for:

  • Protein Supplements
  • General Supplements
  • Food/Beverage Importers
  • Alternative Sweeteners
  • Organic Supplements
  • Hemp Based Products
  • Nutraceutical Manufacturers