Product Recall

Purpose of Product Recall Insurance

Product Recall or Accidental Contamination Insurance offer specialized coverage typically excluded in standard liability and property insurance policies.

Increased US Government regulation of manufacturers and importers of food and beverage products, makes this coverage more valuable than ever. Don’t just assume it is to expensive!

The process to get a quote is not complicated but will go more smoothly if:

  • You have the time to fill out the application
  • Your company has a written recall plan

One of the benefits of most policies is access to consultants who can help with your plan and be there in case of an actual event.

product recall insurance
Recall Information and Lookup

No Standard Product Recall Insurance Policy

Product Recall policies differ, there is no standard contract language, so it is helpful to have someone familiar with the coverage to help shop for terms and premiums that meet your needs.

Take the time to understand what triggers coverage because there are many definitions to review.

Coverage Information

First party product recall expenses


Can your company take the risk?

Your company can incur expenses to

  • Advertise & Notify
  • Destroy Product
  • Replace Product
  • Loss of Profit
  • Consultant Costs

Third party product recall expenses


Contracts can pass on the cost of a recall from your vendors. Have you checked your contracts?

Do they say things like “any and all expenses” or do they specifically address product contamination issues?

What if your vendor has to pull your product from the shelf, transport it or destroy it? Will they send you the bill?

product recall insurance

Recall Information for You!

product recall

Recall Information & Lookup

Insuring Agreement

Where it all Begins

Insurance Reimburses You

Application Answers Matter

Must be Insured Event

Only covered loss costs

Insured Event

What Happened and When

Accidental Contamination

Malicious Product Tampering

Product Extortion

Governmental Recall

What is a Loss?

Costs Reimbursed by Policy

Recall Costs

Replacement Costs

Loss Profits

Destruction Costs