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Personal Coverage, Inc. is an independent insurance agency with roots back to 1996. Based in Upstate NY, our Specialty Food & Beverage focus began in 2013 in one state and now our footprint extends to 30 states.

We work with specialty food and beverage companies looking to move beyond the farmers markets and commercial kitchens to bring their products to a wider audience. Many firms are startups with a variety of product types. Use of copackers and 3PL companies is common but each company is different. Some import unique products from other countries or start US subsidiaries to bring product to the US market.

Yes you can buy coverage online, yes you can call a local broker but what makes us different is our knowledge of which insurance markets that can handle which products. We build your policy ready for wholesale opportunities and have a growing database of retailers and distributor insurance requirements. We have a solid handle on your business model even before you contact us.

After you buy a policy, we are here for you for questions, claims and understanding insurance requirements that come up as your brand navigates wholesale transactions.

As you expand we can help with insurance products that fit all stages of the business life cycle.

Specialty food and beverage insurance is what we do, we have very few clients in other industries.

The world doesn’t need more mass production but it could certainly use custom made products from creative and enthusiastic, people like you.



Tom Wallace, ARM
Personal Coverage, Inc.

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