Product Liability or General Liability?

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Basics Product liability insurance is a must have for specialty food and beverage businesses. A popular question we get is, what is the difference between product liability and general liability? When I speak to clients and prospects policies breakdown in to these categories: General Liability General Liability policy that includes an endorsement for designated products Products Liability only General liability … Read More

Workers Compensation

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Workers Compensation-General Most states require coverage for employees who become sick or are injured on the job. Workers compensation insurance and state workers compensation law work together to provide benefits to employees.  The purpose of this post is not to give a policy overview. For those of you with larger organizations you know the drill. It can be a sizable … Read More

Cost of Liability Insurance

Daniel FooteLiability Insurance, Product Liability

  Cost of Liability Insurance How much does liability insurance cost? A common question asked by food and beverage companies. The factors below determine premium. Product Type Product type is a key element. The “higher” the risk, the higher the premium. Higher risk products include products directly imported into the US. An insurance company, insuring an importer, bears more risk … Read More

Product Liability Insurance and Exported Products

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Product Export The world is getting smaller and smaller. Product export by food and beverage companies is common. Local, state and federal agencies are helping expand borders. Perhaps you are shipping product yourself. Maybe another entity is doing it for you. Policy Territory Insurance policies have coverage territories. Losses outside the coverage territory will not covered or defended. Coverage territories … Read More

Certificate of Insurance

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What is a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) Obtaining a certificate of liability insurance is often a routine administrative transaction. A quick turnaround that meets the required insurance specifications is what matters most. However, I often find that business owners do not really understand the certificate. A certificate of liability insurance is a representation of liability coverage at the time … Read More

Non-Owned Autos in Your Food & Beverage Business

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Use of a non-owned autos in food and beverage businesses is common. It makes sense for many reasons. The cost to purchase, maintain and insure commercial vehicles is expensive. Non-owned autos do not have these expenses. Employees and/or the owners of the company often own these vehicles. Personal Vehicle Types First, lets set some parameters. Personal vehicles include non-owned private … Read More

Food, Drink, Law and Taxes

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In the last few weeks I have either had conversations or read about items in various trade press about the relationship of food,drink, law and taxes. No insurance speak here. Food Safety & Modernization Act The FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) passed into law in January of this year. A recent check of the FDA site ( shows the timeline of the law. … Read More

Counting on Your Homeowners Insurance to Cover Business Property, Read On?

Daniel FooteHomeowners Insurance

It is without fail that small business (and sometimes medium size as well) owners store some business property at their homes. It is so common that I felt you should be aware of the limitations commonly found in homeowners  insurance policies. This is an issue than can, and has, ended up in court so case law does exist for and against coverage. The key … Read More

Contract Review

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Nothing like a good contract to keep you on the edge of your seat. Lovely reading are they not? Not always easy to get through but if you are food and beverage manufacturer using a co-packer, distributor, or direct to retail outlets, here are some things you want to keep in mind when reviewing for insurance purposes. General Liability/Product Liability … Read More

Liability Insurance Limits

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In the last post I explained the basics of Product Liability insurance and how it was contained in a typical General Liability policy. I also reviewed some things to think about when it comes to purchasing commercial insurance of this type. In this post I will explain the liability insurance limits and how they work in a typical General Liability policy. … Read More