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Read our articles on insurance for the brewery industry. We offer all types of policies for breweries (and distillers) including product liability, business property insurance, general liability, workers’s compensation and more. Contact us if you have questions or want a quote. As craft brew lovers we’re ready to help!

New Craft Brew on the Way!

Tom WallaceBrewery Industry

If you’re a brewer or a lover of craft brews in general check out Jeff Alworth’s article in the October/September issue of Draft magazine for some very upbeat news( . Using  information obtained by the Brewers Association he reported that over 600 breweries are in the works over the next year or two. Wow! This builds on the existing 1,753 … Read More

Describing Quality Is the Name of the Game in Specialty Beverages

Tom WallaceBrewery Industry, Specialty Coffee, Specialty Tea

I recently came across some very interesting programs offered in the brewing, tea and coffee industries. Each program prepares individuals to discern characteristics of the respective products. These informed people can judge competitions, help consumers make more informed choices and play a key role in quality control. First let’s take a look at the Craft Brewing industry. While hunting around … Read More

Brewery and Distillery Insurance for Older Buildings

Tom WallaceBrewery Industry, Distillery Insurance, Property Insurance

Insurance for older structures can be tricky, so if your operation is currently located in one of these structures or you are just thinking about it, take care to review your brewery insurance and distillery insurance. I am seeing more old structures revitalized in downtown areas for breweries and distilleries. The appeal is very obvious. Once renovated, these structures can … Read More