New Craft Brew on the Way!

Tom WallaceBrewery Industry

If you’re a brewer or a lover of craft brews in general check out Jeff Alworth’s article in the October/September issue of Draft magazine for some very upbeat news( .

Using  information obtained by the Brewers Association he reported that over 600 breweries are in the works over the next year or two. Wow! This builds on the existing 1,753 breweries in operation now.

Now of course anyone who follows the industry knows that mass market beers dominate the market. The addition of over 600 breweries is welcome for sure but the big guys continue to dominate the market. That’s why it is important to support your local brewery and brew pub by paying regular visits, getting a growler to go or buying it at a store or beverage distributor.  Craft beer may not ever dominate the market but market domination does not seem to be the goal of most brewers. Brewing great beer is their goal.

What was very interesting in this article was a map that had percentages of where these new breweries were set to open.  According to the display the highest percentage of breweries were set to open in the Southeastern part of the United States. Next in line were the Midwest, then the Mountain region and finally the West coast. No mention was made of the Northeast but I know we have plans for a new brew pub not far from our office. Hopefully it will come to fruition.

See your local brewery and brew pub as soon as you can and thank them following their passion.

As always, we are in independent insurance agency that spends a lot of time tuning into the specialty food and beverage industries. We do it because we love it!

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