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Personal and Advertising Injury Liability

Tom WallaceLiability Insurance, Risk Management

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Personal and Advertising Injury coverage is contained within most General Liability insurance contracts. The main question I receive usually is about the advertising component of coverage. The typical General Liability limit format looks something like: Occurrence Limit $1,000,000 Personal & Advertising Limit $1,000,000 General Aggregate Limit $2,000,000 Products & Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000 Definitions: Personal and Advertising Injury Liability Personal … Read More

Worldwide Liability

Tom WallaceContracts, Liability Insurance, Risk Management

worldwide liability

Crossing Borders Goods cross many borders. Even small brands can find themselves on shelves in different parts of the world and need worldwide liability protection.  Brands from foreign nations look to enter and stay in the US Market all the time. The common theme, expansion of markets to sell more product but is your insurance keeping up with your expansion? … Read More

Dependent Property Insurance

Tom WallaceProperty Insurance, Risk Management

Who do you depend on? Production of a food or beverage product is labor intensive. It takes time regardless of who is manufacturing the product. Production modes vary by company. Maybe you own your facility and equipment. Renting commercial kitchens has long been popular. Many cities now have incubator kitchens that offer many services beyond just equipment and storage. However, … Read More

Rise of Functional Foods & Beverages

Tom WallaceProduct Liability, Risk Management

Background The variety of food and beverage options continues to advance. Functional foods and beverages are very hot right now. For us, in insurance, functional foods and beverages seem to fall in between traditional insurance underwriting guidelines. Before we jump in, what are traditional underwriting guidelines? The more “science” ingredients a product has the more “standard” insurers are not interested … Read More

Non-Owned Autos in Your Food & Beverage Business

Tom WallaceAuto Insurance, Liability Insurance, Risk Management

Use of a non-owned autos in food and beverage businesses is common. Most of the time these vehicles are owned by employees or owners of the business itself because it makes sense. The cost to purchase, maintain and insure commercial vehicles is expensive. In addition to cost, the use of vehicles is secondary to most business models. Consequently, non-owned autos … Read More

Product Liability Insurance and Exported Products

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worldwide liability

Product Export The world is getting smaller and smaller. Product export by food and beverage companies is common. Local, state and federal agencies are helping expand borders. If you export products now or are thinking about it be aware of how insurance responds. Below are some essential policy terms to keep in mind. Need insurance for exporting food or beverage … Read More

Contract Review

Tom WallaceContracts, Product Recall, Property Insurance, Risk Management

Contract-A Good Read Contracts, lovely reading are they not? Not always easy to get through but if you are food and beverage manufacturer using a co-packer, distributor, or direct to retail , here are some things you want to keep in mind when reviewing for insurance purposes. Types of Liability Insurance A key contract item is insurance. This will usually … Read More